What is Dip Powder?

The happy medium between a gel mani and acrylic set. Not only does it last longer than 2 weeks but the base is packed with vitamins A, E, D and B5, plus calcium - so it’s good for your nails too! The look is a bit thicker then gel but still natural. Great for people with brittle nails. Soaks off in around 20 minutes.



What is the difference between Shellac and Gel?

Shellac and gel are the same thing, kinda. Shellac is merely a brand of gel, much like coke is a brand of soda.



What are the purpose of cuticles?

The cuticle is there to seal moisture and keep the environmental germs out of the body. Which is why it is important to not pick at cuticles.



What makes your manicure special?

We don’t soak your nails in water for a manicure because your nails absorb water and the nail plates expand. The polish won’t last since the the nail plates shrink back down when dry. That is why we use heated mittens to soften cuticles. It also feels great so it’s a win, win!



Did you know?

Nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter and men’s nails grow faster than women’s.